Benito California - HilbertRaum Berlin


A white cube. Many white cubes. A spaceship. Triangles, pyramids, rims, rings, circles, hoops, rectangles, squares. Scribbles, strokes, outlines, soil, air, leather, plastic, fabric, oil, frames, glass, silence, noise.
Two artists. Two explorers. An odyssey. A space odyssey? Up, down, right, left, north, south -the global south-, east, west. In Benito California gravity ceases to exist. Figures, shapes, light and sound fly within the boundless whiteness surrounding HilbertRaum´s halls and rooms. Time stops. Two artists. Two voyagers. Berlin meets Buenos Aires. Düsseldorf meets Jujuy. Germany meets Argentina. Julio meets his doctor. His doctor meets her husband. Martín and Celina meet infinity.

Caro Alvariño.